Why upgrade?

Are you wondering if it is worthwhile to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution? Have a look at the attached video and be inspired by the many advantages of the NAV upgrade, such as

  • Extension of the technical possibilities
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Improvement of performance
  • With Xtras you have a trustworthy partner at your side. Through many years of experience, we offer you highly automated update tools that accelerate the update process.

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    Upgrade Options When upgrading a solution on Microsoft Dynamics NAV to a later version, XTRAS offers the following upgrade options

    Classic (As is)

    The customization is transferred to the target version as is. Cheap and predictable journey.
    • Usually fastest and cheapest approach.
    • Possibility to fully/partially reimplement added functionalities.
    • Possibility to skip unused customer functionalities.

    Event-like (Code refactoring)

    The customization is reviewed and refactored. Good investment in future.
    • Future maintenance will cost much less due to transparency of written customization.
    • Future upgrades to extensions will cost much less than for Classic option.
    • Future upgrades to extensions will be easier to perform and will take considerably less time than for Classic option.
    • Due to minium amount of customization in the core, standard Microsoft hotfixes and 3rd party add-ons will be easier and cheaper to install.

    Ready for Cloud (Extensions)

    The customization is transferred into the extensions. Then only you decide to be or not to be in the cloud.
    • Possibility to work in the cloud.
    • Future upgrades will cost less then current upgrade.
    • Future upgrades will be easier to perform and will take considerably less time than the current upgrade.

    Why Business Central?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that helps companies connect their financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central brings the full power of Dynamics NAV to the cloud and has at its foundation a set of trusted, proven technologies that have served millions of users worldwide.


    • Who is XTRAS?

      XTRAS was founded with the aim to develop and market modern, process-oriented applications for based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The XTRAS team is made up of experts who have decades of experience in the IT sector.

      XTRAS currently has 15 employees at two locations in Germany. A development center in Kiev with 25 developers is also busy with the programming and development of XTRAS solutions.

      Solutions from XTRAS are based on Dynamics NAV - an ERP system and a dynamic development platform from Microsoft. About the manufacturer Microsoft Dynamics NAV is represented in 140 countries. 130,000 existing customers are looked after by around 4000 partners worldwide.

    • Why is XTRAS so cost effective compared to other providers?

      In short: We applied our experience and automated the essential upgrade steps.

      This automation has reduced the technical overhead of upgrading by up to 75%.

    • How does XTRAS work together with your existing partner?

      It is not the motivation of XTRAS to replace your existing partner.

      In an upgrade project, we support you in all the work required for the upgrade and at the end hand over the result to you and your existing partner.

    • Which activities are not included in the cost estimate?

      As a rule, the following activities are not included in our first estimate:

      • Functional testing of the upgrade result

        Since we do not know the function of the customizations included in your database, we depend on your help here

      • Installation

        The installation of new software versions (NAV service and client software) on servers and workstations

      • Training

        New versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV often bring new features. The training of your employees in this context is not included in our cost estimate.

      If necessary, we also create an individual offer for these services.

    • Is it also possible to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      Yes - upgrading to Business Central is usually possible.

      We are happy to explain the possibilities and requirements associated with Business Central.

    • What happens to industry solutions included in my Dynamics NAV installation?

      If you also have an active maintenance contract for the industry-specific solutions, you can generally request the new versions of the industry-specific solution from the manufacturer for free. XTRAS then considers these in the upgrade process.

    • How to receive a binding offer?

      After contacting us, we certainly have one or two questions. After we have clarified these by phone and/or personally, you will receive a binding offer for all agreed services from us.

    • What about the support after the update?

      If, after the project, errors are discovered that result from the upgrade, we will fix them without any further costs.

    • How long does an upgrade project usually take?

      This answer to this question is highly dependent on the following:

      • Adjustment level of your database

      • Your opportunities to participate in functional test

      • Need for trainings after the upgrade

      The entire project duration therefore varies between a few weeks and several months. As a rule, we receive a concrete idea about the timing of an upgrade project after a project kick-off in which a project plan is also created.